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I was sure that Emma's name came from an acronym for a statement that Rachel's mom made. I can't remember what it was or when she said it but now all I can find is that Emma was a name that Monica had picked & let Rachel use. Help?

Hello, and thank you for your question! As far as I am aware, the name Emma was never mentioned before the episode in which she was named. As your research explains, Monica had picked out ideal names for her future children- Daniel for a boy (which, funnily enough, she doesn't end up using using for her son) and Emma for a girl. Rachel loves the name Emma, so Monica lets her use it. Here's a transcript of the scene:

Monica: (To Rachel) It's okay honey. You'll find a name.
Ross: Ugh, easy for you to say. You already know what your kids' names are gonna be.
Chandler: You do?
Monica: Yeah. I've had them picked out since I was 14.
Chandler: Oh no. It's gonna be named after some snack or baked good, isn't it?
Rachel: Well, tell us. What are they?
Monica: Um, okay. If it's a boy, it's Daniel.
Rachel: And if it's a girl?
Monica: I don't wanna say.
Rachel: Oh, tell us. I'm not gonna want it.
Monica: Okay. It's Emma.
Rachel: (Gasps) Emma! See? I don't want it! Do you have any other totally perfect names that you're not gonna use?
(Monica realizes how much Rachel likes the name Emma.)
Monica: Take it.
Rachel: What?
Monica: (Looking at the baby) She's clearly an Emma.
Rachel: Oh honey, but you love that name.
Monica: Yeah, but I love you more. Besides, nothing goes with Bing, so I'm screwed!

I'm sorry, but this is where the name came from as far as I know. If you could give me any details at all about the statement that Rachel's mom made, I might be able to tell what you're thinking of. I hope this helps!


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