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There's a Plaque in Ross' apartment of a gold Dragonfly on a green background. Where can I buy one of these from ?

Hello, and thank you for your question!
I don't know a lot about the set pieces of Friends, but I did manage to find out that that particular art piece was made by Jaques Richard and produced by Pendergast Products. The originals are pretty rare, though there was one up for auction on eBay a while ago. I haven't seen any available reproductions of it, and it's unlikely that any will be made as the piece is from around the 40's. If you're really passionate about finding the art piece, you might try getting in contact with some art collectors. The starting bid for the eBay auction was $365, so bear in mind that cost may be an issue. I hope that this information has been helpful to you, and feel free to contact me with any other questions you might have!

I've gotten in contact with the eBay seller. She's no longer in possession of the art piece, but has let me know that her sister has one that she might be willing to sell. Let me know whether you would be interested in getting her contact information!


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