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Friends/Dragonfly Plague


Stephanie Harris wrote at 2014-02-22 18:36:28
I would like to find this piece.  Please put me in contact if possible.  Thank you.

Ken wrote at 2015-12-27 23:57:03
A very similar looking dragonfly wall plaque is available from These are being produced in cold cast bronze.  


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I have seasons 1-10 on DVD and have watched them all, I have six books about Friends, I have one of the soundtracks of Friends, and I made a website dedicated to the show. ( I can answer almost any question about episode numbers/names, lines/quotes, plots, character relationships, character history, etc. I can answer almost anything about things that happened within the show itself. I also have a little knowledge about costumes and set pieces.


I have watched all of the episodes in seasons 1-10 and have watched some of them twice or more. I have conducted personal searches for single lines. I cannot remember a time when one of these searches was in vain. I have downloaded an FAQ which answers several general questions about the plots and characters of the show and several questions about the making of the show. Best of all, I have my own site dedicated to the show!

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