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Fruit/Banana trees, Alabama


Les wrote at 2012-11-23 15:17:57
I have a banana tree that developed fruit this year.  I live in Tuscaloosa and it's my first success.  I cut my trees flat to the ground every year.  However, this year I went a little further after reading an article.  I selected one tree about 7 feet tall in early summer and separated its root system from all but one of it pups.  After I did that some suckers appeared at the base of the tree and I separated them from the tree also.  When I initially separated the pups I cut them flat to the grown and used my Dewalt drill to drill into the core of each one.  I was trying to kill them but it didn't work, they all came back.  Anyway its Iron Bowl time and the tree I selected developed a bunch of bananas I will cut off today and bring inside, we'll see what happens.

This was the first year I tried to get fruit but I keep learning.  I cut everything to the ground again this year but next year I will select 3 or 4 trees and try to protect them through the winter.  We will see what happens.


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