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What type of enema/medication could I use to deodorize colon - MMS? I have a constant fecal sweat odor(leaky gut
syndrome/constant fecal gas smell/enzyme deficiency/toxic overload of colon, lymth or something else like open
iloceal valve) - people cough over 20 feet away - that went for a bit while I retained(deodorizing my colon
internally or blood) my Chlorophyll enema but came back as soon as I expelled it.

   Coffee enema make me smell worse. I want something that will kill all the smelly bacteria or gas and make me smell
less. Also, would fecal transplant help?

   No matter how many times I shower. When I wash with antibacterial liquid soap I always smell worse - as if I have a
bacterial/fungus skin infection, or sulhur like toxins getting into the blood and being sweated out through

my pores) as soon as I turn the water on, the soap and hot water does nothing to aliveate the smell.

    My smell comes from my feet alot, hair and face as that's where most sweat or toxins sweat from. The smell is all
day long. Liquid Chlorophyll in enema at 2 to 4 fluid ounce with 1-2 quart water worked for a bit.

   Could it be my lymth toxic overload. I could have a toxic colon or a open iloceal valve from stomach to colon
allowing waste to go back into stomach.

    The history is I went years without brushing my teeth and had a high sugar(ice cream) diet. I also went on high
oxytetracyclin antibiotics for years and am off them now. I'm 25 years old now.

   Please tell me if there is anything out there that could help. Thanks.

   All I've found out so far is below,

''A chlorophyll enema series is great enema for reducing fever as well as detoxing the organs and has the added

benefit of rehydrating the body. Very soothing and relaxing too the intestinal lining. This  removes the toxins and

bad bacteria from your colon while it helps reintroduce water back into your system.''


ALSO READ if too much sugar and gas build up,


''I'm not entirely show what you mean by promote, however, I can give a bit of detail as to how alkaline rebalancing

affects the colon. The tissue and internal environment that makes up the colon is not directly affected by the pH

state of the organ-systems blood, tissues, bones etc. The colon exists in a system of its' own.

However, the colon's quality of function is indirectly affected by how regulated your pH balance is. The colon's

acidity is regulated by acidophilic (which is a term that basically means "acid-loving") bacteria. It is these

bacteria that can be affected by how acidic or alkaline the body is; and if the body's acidity is unregulated, these

bacteria lose much of their function, and do not regulate colon pH as closely as is ideal. This is essential for a

healthy colon which absorbs only water, because a decaying colon can absorb toxins and fecal matter instead of

excreting it.

So, the alkaline diet does not directly affect the pH of the colon; but, an alkaline diet will feed the bacteria

that regulates the colon's pH.''

Thanks and look forward to your information.

Hey Timothy!

Gosh, Sorry to hear about your struggles! You are dealing with some challenging problems. Although I can't be certain of all the factors that may play a role, it does look like some of your history is contributing.

For example, the high sugar intake will contribute to unhealthy gut bacteria overgrowth. Have you also had off and on digestive problems (bloating, excess gas, abdominal discomfort, etc.#?

Between the high sugar intake and antibiotics, which can kill off lots of healthy bacteria too, you probably have some significant gut imbalances. Your gut has about 70% of your immune system. How recently did you take the antibiotics?

I'd suggest that you not do any more enemas because all those additional substances you are introducing can add to the problem! I'd suggest that you drink water or something like green tea, which has healthy polyphenols and can help with inflammation.

You probably need a diet with more veggies, lean meats #chicken or fish#, and almost no sugar or fried foods #substitute more complex carbs like veggies and some fruits#. If you aren't used to eating many veggies, build up slowly over a week or two so your body can adjust.

What is your typical food intake daily now? Any soda or coffee? How about junk or processed foods? Any fried foods or wheat #modern wheat causes lots of problems for people#?

I'd also suggest you include some small portions of low/no sugar Greek yogurt once per day, maybe a few tablespoons to start, building up to about 1/4 cup #or 2 oz./50 ml# over a week to see if things calm down #yogurt is probiotic). You can add a small amount of berries and some cinnamon for flavor.

It may take a few weeks but the high sugar and antibiotics have probably caused an imbalance of the healthy gut bacteria. And it doesn't sound like the enemas are helping. You probably have some significant inflammation in your gut which can cause lots of problems like those you mentioned.

Do you take multi-vitamins or minerals? Do you know what your vitamin D levels are? Do you take any fish oil caps? Vitamins and minerals are critical for metabolism and gut function. Vitamin D helps to regulate immune function and inflammation. Fish oil can also help lower inflammation.

Also, do you have any other health problems?

Here are some additional links with details and dietary suggestions:

Let me know if this is helpful!

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