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Thanks again. Wasn't going to ask again but you did first about the fried foods. Why do you ask if my son eats fried foods? We eat very little fried foods. What are your thoughts on unclogging arteries or keeping them clear? Isn't sugar the culprit and not the fats? He has put on alittle weight and eats rice bread, and cereal.He still gets excema -  although retested neg on egg allergy,it's difficult to tell and I run out of breakfast ideas!
Good evening,

Hey Bonnie:

I guess the fried foods came to mind because I know kids love their fries and fried foods!

I've written several articles about heart disease on my site. And yes, it is possible to reverse atherosclerosis with diet and exercise, along with select supplements but the same things apply that I've included in previous answers (avoid refined carbs, wheat, processed foods, etc.).

Yes, sugar and wheat are big drivers of what are called small, dense LDL particles, tested with VAP or NMR particle tests. Fired foods and regular veggie oils used in processed foods and dressings (corn, soy, cottonseed, etc.) are highly refined and oxidize quickly in the body. They cause inflammation in the arteries and feed athero as well.

The eczema is basically inflammation of the skin, which to me, can indicate that he is probably low in his vitamin D levels. It's also a sign that he may have pretty high internal inflammation and his carbs might be feeding bacterial overgrowth in the gut (the bad kind that feed on carbs. Those can also feed weight gain).

He might need a good quality multi-vitamin/mineral supplement if he isn't getting one daily. The best ones have the USP seal for potency and bio-availability.

How is he handling his health issues? Kids can be quite resilient but if he has an interest in getting better and being healthy, it's easier for sure!

I hope that helps!  

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