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I really overdid it this summer drinking beer, and although my weight didn't go up, on one occasion after too many, I actually saw and felt my stomach blow up and remain that way.
All attempts at dieting and exercise have failed.
Could this be an intestinal yeast infection?
I took a few tablespoons coconut oil this morning, and tonight I am blowing out gas and diarrhea to beat the band. At first I was nauseous, but that has gone. I feel better and less bloated, and my stomach looks less distended. Did I have an intestinal yeast overgrowth, if it is possible to have one, and did the coconut oil expel it?
What do you think?

Hey Bud!

Sorry you're not feeling well. This seems like a situation of unrelated problems, although it's hard to be sure.

First, beer can ad extra carbs and if the amount of carbs and alcohol caused numerous blood sugar spikes, the sugar gets turned into fat for storage, causing weight gain. And yes, carbs can also increase carb-feeding gut bacteria, causing more carb cravings and more weight gain.

Second, when you say all attempts at dieting and exercise have failed, it's hard to know what you did. I coach clients about small, gradual changes to lifestyle to regain a more appropriate weight and muscle tone. I never put people on diets because they oten backfire (especially, any type of calorie restriction)!

I'd rather see a gradual shift of eating and activity that is a better match to your metabolism and health needs. Weight loss is gradual over a few weeks. Energy and vitality also improve. Digestive bacteria also return to a better balance in a few weeks.

Third, the coconut oil is a dense source of mostly healthy fat, but a few tablespoons shouldn't be too bad. Were they mixed into something like a meal or smoothie? If taken alone, that might have triggered some indigestion, like eating several pats of butter.

Overall, it does sound like you might have some unhealthy digestive bacteria going. How many carb-based foods do you eat daily (such as cereals, granols bars, wheat foods, sugary foods or drinks, cookies, crackers, muffins, fries, chips, etc.)?

All of those simple, refined carbs will spike blood glucose and increase unhealthy, carb-feeding bacteria.

You might need more veggies and whole fruits (slow carbs), quality proteins, maybe more nuts and seeds and less carbs/fried foods. Your digestive system will rebalance back in a week or two with the right foods. I coach people on all these lifestyle changes so these kinds of problems go away!

Here is a post I wrote on digestion that might be helpful (see source links at the bottom too):

I hope that hleps!

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