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Dear Steven,
My dad has high cholesterol problems and his doctor prescribed Atorvastatin, but the side effects were quite strong: strong pain and skin discomfort in the ribs area. His doctor switched then to Fluvastatin, but he suffered from the same kind of side effects. I have to say that my dad is pretty good dealing with pain, so it must have been really strong since he had to stop his medication. My question is: is there other kind of alternative medicine(s) to treat his high cholesterol that might not have these terrible side effects on him? What are his options?
I am worried about him, right now he is not taking anything at all... Thank you so much in advance for your time and your attention.

Hey Christina!

Thanks for the question. Sorry your dad is having such problems and pain. The truth is that statins do cause lots of side effects and the drug companies under report them to help sales.

Yes, there are many alternative methods to lower cholesterol and the often related inflammation.

First, this may completely shock you but high cholesterol is not really a disease for most people (do you know his total C/LDL and HDL numbers?), nor does saturated fat or cholesterol from things like eggs cause high cholesterol!

Modern medicine has been telling people the wrong information about cholesterol for 50-60 years, and statins are one of the most overly prescribed drugs in the world!

Most elevated cholesterol (especially the small, dense LDL particles) is actually from sugar and refined carbs like wheat, not fat, cheese or eggs! For most people, cholesterol is driven by lifestyle habits, not an infection or other outside source.

As a health coach, I've written extensively on the issue of fats, cholesterol and statins. Here are a few links you can review (plus each article has lots of source links for additional information): (especially item #3)

I could help him but it would take several coaching sessions to gather his health history, screening tests, nutritional habits, etc.

Let me know if this helps!  

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