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Hi Dr.,
I am a 56 year old guy, decent health. Two weeks ago I decided to give up my three prescriptions, Avalide for hypertension, Losec for acid reflux, and Wellbutrin for depression, and overcome these problems with diet and lifestyle changes. I reduced my workload and de-stressed, started walking, and reduced coffee, alcohol, salt, and spicy foods. It seems to be working, I am feeling good and more focused mentally, my blood pressure is stable (high normal), and no acid reflux. In the few days however,  I have been very tired, have cold like symptoms, and my urine, normally yellow, is clearer, almost white and the smell is 'funny' almost like I am excreting a chemical. My partner thinks this is 'detox symptoms' and a good thing, I will get over it and feel better. What do you think? Thanks!"

The change in urine from yellow to more clear is good typically. The white color can be froth from the stream, or infection ( but you don't mention complaint of burning, irritation, or blood so possibly nothing) Chemical smell- I'm not a fan of this, and if you are detoxing from cutting meds out cold turkey it is possible. If you hare taking any supplements in place of the meds it can be those too. As a functional medicine practitioner I try to taper people off meds, one at a time, over a course of time so that the body doesn't go into shock from the changes.

If the smell in your urine and white color continues it would be wise to make sure you don't have a secondary infection from any kind of detox (very possible). Keep up your water intake, and try to take some Fiber to bind the toxins your body is releasing (Acacia is nice, flax works well too). Milk Thistle is an amazing herb for healing the liver and helping with detoxification and something I typically recommend for anyone taking medications over a period of time as it taxes the liver function.

Hope this reply finds you feeling better, more energy and less detox! Hope your Thanksgiving was well too.

Dr. Kalli Prater, D.C.  

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