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What do you think of DHEA? I am 56 and it gets harder to lose weight and keep up my energy as I get older.
Fortuntley I have no major health issues except being overweight and  hypertension (I am on medication), but that would improve with weight loss.
DHEA seems to be the answer for a lot of issues. Thanks for your opinion!

Hey Barry!

I can understand your problem well, as so many people struggle with weight and energy as they get older (I'm there myself). And I also use DHEA occasionally (I used to use it several times a week, but I have adjusted my lifestyle over the years and I don't need it as much now).

One initial point I'd like to make is how much are you taking. Most health experts recommend 25 mg max, but some companies make 50 mg dosages, which is probably too high.

As a health coach, I help clients understand that lifestyle is the foundation of health, including weight, energy, sleep quality, etc. By lifestyle, I'm talking about the mix of nutrition (most people get it wrong), actiity and exercise, stress management, sleep, etc. Because believe it or not, these things in the right combination, will help you to maintain a healthy weight (or lose excess pounds without dieting), avoid chronic disease like heart disease and cancer, and it also keeps hormones in balance.

My weight hasn't changed for many years because I have the right mix of nutrition, activity and other areas, so I don't gain weight and my energy is that of a much younger person (people also say I look 15 years younger than my age). In fact, I did 120 push-ups last Saturday (60, take a short break, then 60 more).

The point is that some simple lifestyle changes can help to tune your lifestyle to your unique metabolism and needs, helping you to lose weight and boost energy.  

Here are some links with more detail if you like to read and investigate on your own (you might be surprised that there is lots of science behind these posts and that we already know hot to help people stay health with age):




See if those ideas are helpful!

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