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Hi Steven
I am 56. I have learned through trial and error I am 'carbohydrate sensitive'. I do so much better on a low carb diet. Lately I have been excluding gluten, and feeling even better. Is there a relationship between carbohydrate and gluten sensitivity? Thanks!

Hey Bud!

My apologies for not answering this sooner. I never received the notice and I happened to get an additional site update this morning.

I'm super busy this week but we can have some exchange later in the week if you need it.

Most refined grains are ones I steer my coaching clients away from. They trigger inflammation, small LDL particles, raise triglycerides, add weight, etc.

Gluten is but one of several bad proteins for many people. Wheat also had gliadin and other potentially allergenic proteins that can distube digestion and cause cravings and other problems. Barley and rye can also have similar issues.

So my initial thought is that you did the right thing and the fact that you are feeling better is a sign that you probably do have some sensitivy to gluten and related proteins.

This article on wheat I wrote might offer more details:

Feel free to browse or search for more articles on my site.

Like you, I've avoided refined carbs for years! I'm focused on proteins, veggies, some whole fruits, some dariy/cheese/eggs, nuts and seeds, and similar whole foods.

Again, sorry for the delay!


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