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Thank you for volunteering your time.  I have been having issues for a couple years now and my doctors don't know what is the cause of my symptoms.  for about 2 yrs I have been having been going back and forth between constipation and diarhea, and slight dizziness.  In the past year:  sporadic numbness and tingling in extremities, slight internal tremor (feel like I'm sitting in running car) and muscle twitching - random and sporadic.  Past two months: woke up with double vision in one eye. Workup all normal (MRI head neck back, Bloodwork: cbc, c-reactive, thyroid, vit d, magnesium, b12).  Optopetrist could find nothing wrong with my eye.  After GP ruled our MS I was convinced of B12 deficiency (b/c I found all of my symptoms listed for that) but just found out that came back normal.  What would the next steps be that a Funtional doctor would test for?  I know my docs want to give me meds to relieve some of this but I don't need relief I need to know the cause.  Some additional info: middle age, avg weight, moderate exercise, don't smoke or drink - oh and I'm not stressed :) .  I'm thinking maybe some type of other malabsorption issue . . .
I do have a blockage deep in my sinus that I'm going to see an ENT for - but I don't think it could cause any of this.   These are my main issues  . . . .thank you
(I am trying to save to go to a functional doc around here)

I'm happy you're going to save up and go the functional route. Many times functional docs look at blood work deeper than regular MD's. As a functional med practitioner I use different lab values that show me malabsorption sooner than the clinical ranges. Clinical ranges are calculated from the lab off the average of what is run- aka sick people are typically getting blood work done so the ranged can be too wide. With alternating bowel habits, and nerve signs in the extremities I too think there is something going on in terms of malabsorption. Firstly they would look at the blood work you've had done, and see what other testing you might need, like a CMP. With altered bowel habits they can and should do a stool analysis to see if there is anything going on there, as those things are not normal in and of itself.

Most functional practitioners would attempt to regulate your digestive health first and foremost, test or investigate leaky gut syndrome and or rule out celiac disease and food sensitivities- these play a huge role in overall health.  And you're too right, meds that take away symptoms don't fix the root cause of the problems, if malabsorption is going on (I find it very common in my patients) if it is not addressed it will cause bigger problems down the road.

If there is anything else I can do for you, please let me know. My sister in law lives in Marion Ohio and does the functional med stuff, and to my knowledge doesn't charge an arm and a leg. She, like me, is a chiropractor who has done continuing education in functional medicine and is big on healing the gut and getting to the root cause.

I am going to include her website so that you can check them out, and see if she could even find you someone closer. Her name is Dr. Coleen Denton:

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