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Hi Doctor - I'm currently seeing a functional doctor.  He has recommended supplements for my issues however I'm not sure how the issues are all related and I was hoping he would have put the puzzle together for me but he hasn't.  So I have a multitude of symptoms and labs have shown the following:  MTHFR C677T mutation, thyroglobulin antibodies @ 125, AM cortisol very low, and GI malabsorption issue, low Vit D,  other labs ok.  I guess I'm curious if this is all tied back to the MTHFR mutation.  Obviously maybe it's multiple issues that are compounding each other - but I guess I'm looking for the starting point - so then I can slowly introduce the supplements in the right order (if there is one).  I hope I made sense.  Everything I read on the internet is so confusing - not to mention one of my major issues is brain fog from all these issues!  Any light you can shed is appreciated.  thank you

Sometimes you can't pin point the start of something that has been going on for so long and is so complex. Especially with MTHFR inclusion as this is still very new and there is tons of research emerging on this topic and it is still not well understood. I will say it is a major contributing factor to a lot of symptoms. Having a thyroid issue could be related, as there seems to be high correlation to MTHFR and thyroid patients, but that doesn't mean one caused the other.

On the other hand, GI permeability is highly linked to any autoimmune disorder. Also, leaky gut creates a leaky brain. If the gut can't function properly, it can't make the chemicals used in brain signaling typically as well either. Vitamin D is a hormone in the body, contributes to thyroid hormones as well, and can cause a whole slew of things to be off.

typically things don't heal one at a time, and you need the combination of things the doctor has given you to be effective. Please follow up with this doctor to discuss your concerns.  

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