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Is there a  difference  between  nonprofit,charaties,and foundations.I always hear these words but im confused .I'm trying to figure if there the same thing.

Thanks for your question.  

The short answer is that "nonprofit" is a very broad term that can refer to a very wide range of organizations - including charities, foundations, professional associations, fraternal societies, religious organizations, and universities.  An organization becomes a nonprofit when the federal government approves their application for nonprofit status based on the work of the organization. Nonprofits must show that the work they do benefits the general public, not a few private individuals or organizations.

Charities and foundations are broad designations with the general area of nonprofit organizations.  Both have 501(C)3 (federal tax status) designations.  Charities must have a "broad base of public support" which means that they must raise money through fundraising from the general public.  Foundations, on the other hand, do not need to raise money from the general public. Foundations can operate with funding from a large, one-time donation from a single source.  Or they can raise money from one individual, a family, or a small group over the life of the foundation.

For a more thorough description of these designations, you can refer to the IRS Publication 557:

Please let me know if this helps clarify the differences between nonprofit organizations, charities, and foundations.

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