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Hi.I am freshman in college who has had a few years in of experience with volunteering in local organizations.I would like to start a project that would help with making the quality of lives of the people in rural Malaysia better.I have literally only started thinking about it yesterday.This is something new to me and I was hoping if you could provide me with resources that would enable me to take the next step.

Thanks and have a good day.

Greetings -
And how exciting that you are thinking about starting a nonprofit organization.  
Here are some ideas to get you started:  
(1) Clarify your goals a bit more.  There are many ways to improve the quality of life in Malaysia. Do you mean economically, health-wise (water, medical support, environmentally), or do you mean you'd like to help improve the infrastructure in Malaysia?
(2) Do you know anyone who is in Malaysia now?  Or have you been there?  In order to be successful, it would be important to improve Malaysian lives in ways that would be acceptable to the Malaysians.  
(3) Find out as much as you can about nonprofits that currently do work in Malaysia.  Learn what they do and how they do it. Google "Nonprofits in Malaysia" and read a much as you can about who's doing what there.  Learn all you can about this work - and see how you might contribute to these already -existing organizations.  Does some of their work intrigue you?   
(4) See if there are any volunteer opportunities in nonprofit organizations in Malaysia.  It really helps to have some hands on experience in a place with your contribution before you dive in.  Could you help raise money in the states to contribute to these causes in exchange for a volunteer position there for the summer? Could you raise enough money to pay your way there for the summer and be a volunteer once you arrive?

If you are interested in starting a nonprofit organization here are some resources:
1. Book:  Nonprofit for Dummies
2. Free Booklet:  (Bottom of the page - download for free)
Full disclosure: This is my website and there are several FREE resources throughout the website.
3. Go to your state's commerce commission to see how to start up a nonprofit (usually called a nonstock corporation) in your state.

Please let me know how these suggestions strike you - and how I can help you focus your efforts more effectively.  Good Luck!  

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