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Hi there Alyson!

I am curious, I have been selected to be on the youth professional board of an organization that helps children with disabilities that is associated with a famous hospital. I am honored to be voted to be part of the board. I am just wondering what are the benefits? Is it good for your resume? Do companies see this as a great thing when interviewing a candidate for a position?
So the Youth Professional Board get together on private events? I am just wondering...I know Alexis will tell me more about it later on when we have our next meeting. :)
Is it competitive to be voted to be part of a board?

Congratulations, Alison.
Being on a board is a vote of confidence about your abilities to contribute to this non-profit - and your potential as a leader.  Because you will be making decisions with others from various backgrounds - being a board member will provide you with leadership experiences that others your age will not have had.  So, yes, this is a positive for you.
I'd include this item in your resume under "Leadership Experiences" or "Community Activities"
or "Personal".  Something like "Selected to be a Board Member on the Youth Professional Board of xxx (name of the organization).  Served on the xyz Committee.  June, 2014 to Present"  
Some boards meet monthly, others bi-monthly, and some quarterly - so it's not clear how often
your board will meet.  Perhaps there is an orientation you will attend to inform you of your responsibilities and/or the requirements of being on a board.
I'd look for specific ways to use whatever skills and interests you have - and apply them to the work that is needed on this board for this organization.
I hope you enjoy your time on this board - and hopefully, you can contribute to other organizations by being on other boards in the future.
I hope this helps.

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