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Hi Kellie, I've seen 5 deaths this year with 3 in my family. I believe the cost of burials are excessive!  I'm interested in buying an acre of land in a rural area here in AR. for a family cemetery. A place eco friendly place with wild flowers and no vaults required, even hand dug graves.
Could you please tell me the steps that need to be taken to do this?

Thank you

Hello Dee -

I am so sorry about all the deaths.. I've experienced them happening in multiples too.   :(

Traditional burials as we know it are expensive!  There is the cost of the land and the materials that cemeteries require and over the years I think they have just put too much regulation on it.  

I appreciate your idea of an Eco -friendly place, land just for your family.  That is the first I have heard of for private use.  I like it!  
However, we are still in the beginning phases of Eco burials, green burials and natural burials.  I have heard stories of legal issues for new cemetery owners experimenting with this concept.  Several issues that may come up are the neighbors, waters levels, soil quality, and zoning.   There are pioneers in the industry that are trying to make change.  

I suggest you talk to everyone you can about natural burial.  First start with the  will you find many avenues of information on that website.
this one might be most helpful.  

with care,  


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