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My father has passed in January of 2013. My mother has decided she is not planning on his burial any time soon. She has agreed to give me half the ashes and I can bury on my own dime. I am wondering if i spend all this money to get a plot, urn and headstone.. And bury him. Can she also bury the other half in a cemetery, possibly the same cemetery he would currently be in? Or is there a law for directory purposes that he can only be buried once?  I'm not talking spreading her portion of the ashes wherever she chooses. I am talking two urns, two plots, two markers:headstones with one person. Public cemeteries.

Thank you.

Hello Amanda-

Please accept my condolences.  It sounds like there are disagreements, funerals bring out the best and worst in families.  Stay strong and remember grief is normal and healthy and is expressed in many forms.   Your question is totally valid, I can see why it would be of concern. I suggest you talk to the cemetery. I don't see why it would be an issue but every cemetery has their own regulations.  

With care,  


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