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Funerals/burial on private property


We own a piece of property with a group of people in Surry County, NC and are discussing burial on the land. Is it a legal requirement that all owners of this property give permission for any burial on this property?

Hello Jose-

It can be a little tricky doing burial on private property, but it is also a very special tribute.  Nevertheless, it can be done!  
From a legal perspective, I can't advise.  I do not know the laws for North Carolina cemeteries.

However, I strongly recommend that you do get permission from all the owners of the land.  A burial is forever and you want to make sure you have the support and understanding from all owners.  Think about what your intentions are, is it going to a single burial or mulitple burials?  Headstones?  Natural burial, caskets and vaults?   You may have to consider the neighboring property owners too.  It's a sensitive subject so I suggest covering all bases.  

Here are some resources that may provide more information that you seek.

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