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QUESTION: my mother passed away last month and she was married but separated from her husband on her death certificate it has her last name hyphenated. by law does his last name have to be put on there and if it isn't can he sue my family?

ANSWER: No law says his name has to be on there. Many women keep their maiden names even if married.

Who made the funeral arrangements?

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QUESTION: My mother planned the whole thing and her life insurance paid for it all the reason I'm asking this is because the man in question said if his last name is not on the head stone he will get a lawyer and sue my family.the cemetary said by law since he is concidered her next of kin cause they were married still but seppareated his name has to go on there I don't know if the laws vary by state but they they live in evansville in.

Although he is legally next of kin, he's not the lot-owner if your mother paid for everything. So I don't see how the cemetery can back him up. In Indiana, one can name an agent to handle funeral arrangements. Did your mother name you to handle things after she died? Who gave the funeral director the hyphenated name? You? Your mother? Maybe you can get the health department to change the death certificate.

I don't think any lawyer would take his case or is he loaded with money? I also don't think a court would side with him if they were separated.

I have an idea. You don't need a lawyer to go to Probate Court. Write a letter to the court explaining his threats and your desire to put up a marker without his name on it given their separation. Bet the court will side with you. That should keep the cemetery happy, too.  


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