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My Dad has Alzheimer, still moving around in nursing home, but doesn't know us anymore :(  I'm grieving, my experts say.  I'm also having floods of wonderful and funny memories!  My dad use to walk around the house belting out a funny folk song...I am a gay Cabelero"!  He also fancied himself to be a cowboy  lol   I wanted to write on parchment paper "To My Favorite Cowboy: (and then all the lyrics to Gay Cabelero) and put them with him in his casket.   I have my mom still and my 4 other siblings.  Is this tacky?  Should I get their permission?  I've thought a lot about it, and of course it's mostly for me and my feelings.  Didn't know if I should go through with it and how I should go about doing it on that dreaded day.
Thanks For Your Time,
Holly  :)

Hello Holly-

I think it is a wonderful idea!  Do it!  I would ask or even suggest to your family members to join you, they may have some mementos too!  This is part of the healthy path of grieving.  It's a great idea and I have seen it done before.  If you are not comfortable,  ask the funeral director to assist you.  

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