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Funerals/My Father passed away the 3/1/14


Apparently when the came out and marked
the grave for us(my family) to dig my
fathers grave we did by hand, he was layed to rest on
the 6th.on or around the 17 there calling
wanting me to dig him up and move him  because
they marked wrong grave for us to dig.
him up,I'm not doing that,it was the grave yard bored
fault.what are my rights?I called my local
court house and they told me he can not be
moved unless I give a ok and if touched it
becomes federal.plzz help because I'm not digging my daddy up.


To the best of my knowledge in all states the legal next of kin must give permission to disinter and move a deceased.  If the cemetery marked the wrong grave for you to dig and the grave is owned by someone else (Maybe with a spouse or another family member buried in the grave next to him), then the cemetery should either give the owner of the grave another grave in the cemetery or if it's a matter of the owner wanting to be buried next to a family member, then the cemetery should, with your permission and at their expense, disinter your Father and move him to the grave he is supposed to be in. Your Funeral Director can help you with this.

I hope this helps,

Erin Phelps


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