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I purchased a Craftmaster couch model # 451501-513 in 2008 through Haverty's.  It had to be delivered in two pieces, now it has to come out in two pieces.  Haverty's isn't much help now.  Any suggestions?

I don't work in the United States but there is a company by the name of Sofa Doctor, I'm not sure if they are close to you or not.  You will need someone who is expert enough to take it apart and put it back together again. If there isn't a sofa doctor, check to see if your local upholsterer can do it for you.

Furniture Repair and Assembly

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I can answer questions on disassembling and reassembling sofa's to fit through tight areas. I can also answer questions in regard to recovery/respringing/repair of upholstered goods and types of foam to use. I cannot answer questions in regard to leather products or fabrics and cleaning of such.


I have 30 years experience in reupholstery and repair of upholstered goods.

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