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GM-GMC/engine oil usage


I have a 2009 Buick Lucern.  I was told by the service tech that GM allows an engine use of 1 qt of oil per 2,000 miles without it being a problem with the engine.  A warning light came on my vehicle "check engine oil pressure low".  My son checked the oil and it was 2 qts low.  He added the oil and I took it to the dealer ship the next day for an oil change and asked them to check the engine to find out why it is using oil.  He said they have to do a "diary"  of the oil usuage for the next 10,000 miles at each oil change to determine if it is using too much oil.  That is when he told me GM allows the oil use as I stated above.  This has not happened before and I am not sure if I believe him.

yea that is true that is what they allow. i DO NOT agree that this is ok but the dealer can only go based on what GM informs them. i would personally keep my own diary on the oil usage and take it to a couple different dealers. also call there buick customer service and report this. so if you keep a paper trail on this issue and something does happen they have no choice but to fix the issue even after the warranty.

i personally think its bull and have fought gm before when i did work there but they swear up and down that its ok. but you keep that paper trail.


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