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GM-GMC/steering column problems with starting


I have a 1989 GMC Seria PK. the steering column was very loose. I took it apart and tightened the four bolts that were loose on the tilt wheel. When I put everything back together the ignition switch does not feel like it did before and it will not start. Will not do anything. Any ideas?

i apologize i never got the notify that i had a question pending.

sounds to me like somehow you moved the ignition switch.. probably slightly but just that much could invoke the security system. without lookin at the issue myself i wouldnt be of much help


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I used to work for GM as customer service and I worked for the information history desk for them for 2 years. I have owned upwards of 25 cars 23 were GM vehicles which I did and still do fix my cars mostly myself. I do most maintenance by myself also.

I used to be a Allexperts member a while back look up Alicia R. Boutwell.

High school diploma most of my experience is just with the actual vehicles and working for the company.

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