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GM-GMC/1983 Chevy 6.2L K20 Custom - Blower Motor


I've recently acquired the vehicle listed above. After my purchase, I was driving the vehicle home and the blower motor quit. Originally, it only blew on high (no other speeds). I had purchased a Chilton manual for my truck, however the manual describes a blower motor mounted under the hood. Before I tear apart a plastic shroud near the supposed fan location above the passenger front wheel well or the interior dash, can you give me the location of the blower motor and/or the blower resistor?

Notes on the Chevy:

1 - No A/C
2 - 1983 6.2L K20 Chevy Diesel, Custom, Fleetside model

Thank you in advance for any help you can provide.

i had that exact same issue on my vehicle and it was the regulator behind the blower speed knob. if you pull that panel off you will see a small box behind that fan speed knob. got mine replaced and that fixed it.

Fan Speed Control Blower Motor Resistor is probably the proper name, but its probably behind that panel.


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