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GM-GMC/no heat


2011 GMC Equinox LT, 4cyl, 2wd, 32,000 miles. Heat worked great, no problem, the next day I have no heat. I checked the heater core, and 'water' is running through it. Blower is working fine, the AC and the HEAT is blowing out the same cold air. Please help.

these are the things i would check

1)   Low coolant level on a vehicle due to a coolant leak.
2)   Thermostat that is stuck open. <<< COMMON
3)   Plugged or leaking heater core.
4)   Heater blower that is not functioning.
5)   Blend doors that are not functioning properly.<<< COMMON


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I used to work for GM as customer service and I worked for the information history desk for them for 2 years. I have owned upwards of 25 cars 23 were GM vehicles which I did and still do fix my cars mostly myself. I do most maintenance by myself also.

I used to be a Allexperts member a while back look up Alicia R. Boutwell.

High school diploma most of my experience is just with the actual vehicles and working for the company.

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