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GM-GMC/1987 gmc 3500 brake problem


Tim wrote at 2006-09-04 04:54:40
I myself have a 3500 did the same thing. also had a minor leak in master cylinder, took it in to my mech did a brake job all around but failed to fix leak on master no biggie put up with it for a year prior i just wanted the pulling to stopp was really bad on rainy days and snow i just wanted truck to be safe, use it everyday 100 mile radius to make a long story short had some free time put a new master cylinder on it brakes like it should on a dime (without a load ne way) good luck hopes this helps you, Tim

Timmy07 wrote at 2007-12-10 02:40:16
I had this problem on three different trucks and it was  the brake line that goes out to the caliper. It was colasping after youi released the brake and would not let the fluid off the caliper. All three times, it was the right side doing it.

chuck wrote at 2014-02-19 11:59:11
The problem is the flex brake line is plugged and or swelled restricting the fluid from flowing in and out of the caliber.

Replace the side that it is not pulling from when first applying the brakes and the problem will be fixed. Chances are you will soon have the same issue on the other side if these lines are not both changed.


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