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GMC Repair/gmc envoy loses battery power every night


Dale Lawson wrote at 2009-09-22 23:34:39
All GM vehicles between 99 and present have a certain problem that GM does not want to admit. The Radio. If you have a radio cassette combo the cassette becomes unstable. The ejection trigger gets stuck and tries every 5 minutes to eject even when the vehicle is off. It does this ever 5 minutes if there is a cassette stuck in the slot. If the casette has been pulled ot with a pliers the motor inside will run continuosly thus draining the battery. The same goes for the CD player ejection sensor. Remove the radio and try it and see for yourself. If you remove the casette tray assembly from inside the radio you can still have the radio and the problem will go away quietly, same goes for the cd assembly inside the deck. Its either one or the other or both.  

idaho wrote at 2015-12-14 21:23:58
I also had this problem. what I discovered was that the under hood light was not turning off when the hood was closed.

just maybe'  

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