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GMC Repair/97 4x4 gmc wont start


truck was running sat 2 days now I cant start it
turns over but will not start
replaced plugs,rotor cap, rotor,plug wires o2 sensors, mass air flow sensor about 6 months ago. replaced fuel filter today but it will not start. it tries but wont kick over
any ideas will help

Dear Terry,

Hit it with a little bit of starting fluid and see if it kicks over.  If it does, then the problem is fuel.  If there is no spark, it will continue to crank dry with no signs of life even with starting fluid.  Is this a full size with the 5.7 Vortec?  I do know some things to try based on which engine it is.  Let me know whether it's the 4.3 V6 or the 5.7, or the big block.  Look forward to hearing back, thanks.

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