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GMC Repair/2004 gmc sierra 5.3l 4wd slt ext cab


the air bag light was coming on intermittently and is now on all the time.  
i know the location of the front sensor but can you tell me where the other 4 are and how to get to them
ive found the yellow connectors inside the kick panels and have tried connecting and disconnecting them.  light is still on.  can the sensors be tested with a multi meter for continuity and/or resistance?
im told the other 4 are all the same. can you tell me what they look like.


Dear Morry,

I don't know much about the air bag systems nor where the sensors are, but I can tell you this.  Your problem sounds a lot like a problem that is common to your truck, and it's where the passenger presence sensor  wiring harness gets pinched between the seat adjustment mechanism.  Here's how to fix, pasted from a GM service bulletin:

"Locate the PPS sensor (Passenger Presence Sensor) and inspect the harness for proper routing. If the harness is pinched between the seat frame and the track/riser, use the procedure listed below to repair wire(s).

Move the front passenger seat to the full rearward and full tilt up position.
Loosen the seat frame to track/riser nut and remove the harness.
Tighten the seat frame to track/riser nut.
Repair any damaged wires."

The passenger presence sensor should be a slider switch located under the cushion on the passenger seat, but the harness to it should be easier to access and you should see where it's stuck in the seat mechanism if that is the problem.

That was kind of a shot in the dark, but it sounds like that is often the problem when the air bag light comes on with those trucks.  I hope I did something for you.  Thanks for choosing me!

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