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GMC Repair/2006 GMC Envoy Fuel level Sensor


QUESTION: I have a 2006 GMC Envoy SLT with 4.2 6cyl. My fuel gauge no longer reads accurately. I was wondering what fuse to check for this and how does the sensor come off the pump?

ANSWER: Does it read at all?  Does it peg out on the full side or remain on empty or just stay still somewhere in between?  Is it moving as you use gas but just not accurately?  The fuel gauge usually doesn't have its own fuse.  Most the time there is one fuse for all the instrument panel.  The cause of a faulty fuel gauge when the other gauges are working, is usually in the sender like you are thinking.  I have seen senders go wacky inside the tank.  sometimes it's a literal disconnect of the mechanism driven by the float.  All that stuff is inside the tank.  HOWEVER:  With a lot of these GM gauge clusters, the fault is inside the gauge cluster circuitry itself.  Get online or call around.  There is usually someone who knows what to do inside there.  They will pull your gauge cluster and fix a cold solder joint or two, and it will work thereafter.  That's about the best I can tell you on that.  Thanks for giving me a try, and best of luck fixing the problem!

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QUESTION: The gauge stays on empty and only moves a very little bit to none.Thanks for the information.

That sounds a lot like the problem inside the gauge cluster.  Search around for someone in your area that does that.  In our gauge cluster with our 04 it was the speedometer, but it could affect any of the gauges.  The guy we brought in charged us 160 bucks which was quite a bit less than the price of replacing the cluster.  In any case, with only a gas gauge not working you may want to just reset the trip meter each time you fuel up and watch those numbers as an indicator of when you are getting low.  I have an old Escort that I use that way.  With that car, replacing the gauge cluster would cost more than the car! :)

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