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I have a 2002 GMC envoy slt 4x4 & a v6 engine. I'm in need of a tune up or so I have been told, due to when I go to accelerate from a stop I feel hesitation when I press the gas it hesitates/stalls like its not going to go  then finally goes after about 3-5 seconds of this, if even for that long, not all the time but  often, and sometimes every once in a while I get the same feeling while at a stop light/in park. I was told to get my transmission flushed I did and still does it, I put a can if seafoam in my full gas tank it still did it. I'm hoping a tune up will solve this?!?! Any who where exactly is the fuel filter located on my envoy, is it easily accessible, and is it fairly easy to change. Do you think a tune up will solve this problem. Hope so, just got my front hub assembly, all front ball joints, serpentine belt, udruvr shaft u joint, sway bushings, end links & an allignment done and don't have alit more cash to throw away on this piece if crap envoy!

You are not saying how many miles are on your truck.  That info helps me know what should still be good and what may have gone bad.  There are a lot of things that could cause a problem like that.  The fuel filter actually is not very likely the cause, but I can give you some ideas if you do a follow-up question and tell me the miles, and whether the check engine light is on, flashing, intermittent, or off.  Get a slight whiff of the exhaust and tell me if it smells strong or mellow.  We may be able to get you going fairly easily, hopefully.

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