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Gambling/jacks or better--trips to win and show the trips!!!


Tom wrote at 2010-11-23 18:00:49
Based on " Must have trips to win";  If all other players fold to a bluff, and only one player is left, and if trips are required to win the game, then the dealer would have to continue dealing to the lone player until that player got trips. After all,  when you're out you're out. This is the reason that a bluff is legal and the bluffer should be able to take the pot. ( Unless the dealer wants to keep dealing to a lone player.)  

egamo wrote at 2012-08-17 13:10:37
I agree with Tom! If all other players are out then how can the game continue? The last man standing takes the pot, end of story!  It makes no sense at all to keep dealing to one player until he gets trips. He won’t fold, he won’t bet, he will just keep getting dealt to until he finally gets trips. What a waste of time for the inevitable. Common sense should rule here.

dug6d4 wrote at 2015-03-12 15:23:29
But if the player bluffed every other player out he is the only one left in the game. once out always out. who does he have to play the next hand with. no one so he wins


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