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Andrew J. Lombardi wrote at 2009-06-03 13:03:50
Phillip, I think what Fletch is trying to say is that slot machines could have addictive qualities if you were to add more arcade features to them; for instance,what if you had a slot machine that was able to provide a gaming feature that you could "win" so you could play other people; like for instance, an arcade style car race every 10 minutes leading up to a cash prize. You could "win" virtual gasoline for a go at a flight simulator adventure or even "win" a subscription for a certain online gaming company that I happen to be addicted to. This is my idea so don't steal it. I've been looking for a place to expose my idea to and I stumbled on your website first.  Thank you, Andy

lynette wrote at 2010-02-02 03:15:46
Excuse me, slot machines are highly addictive, designed specifically in such a way. Research of millions has been spent to employ physiologists are employed to make them so. color, sound, graphics, intermit rewards, near misses all stimulate the Nero cortex of the brain to over ride our basic instinct. in short the longer you play the more these machines re programme the neuro pathways in the mind stimulating the production of Dopamine ( the pleasure chemical) why else are they called the 'crack cocaine of gambling' it can take 6 months to one year to become addicted whereas other forms of gambling take 3-5 years of play.

GrimR wrote at 2011-03-01 01:48:12
What kind of silly advice is that, you dont need any such qualifications

to build a slot machine, designing modern non mechanical machines is

most purely programming (easy as pie) and interface design, you can technically

design it in linux/windows/mac and shuve it in a box and call it a pokie machine.

Sure you need to fit certain legal requirements (simple programmatic

adjustments) and taking/giving money if making money is the intent (coin

slot operation, bill readers etc all fairly standard to setup.

Rick Wallace wrote at 2012-11-25 13:59:39
Actually, it is possible to design ANY game to have a degree of addictive quality. Look at all the instances in daily life where people are "addicted" to playing other games; i.e. chess, checkers, cards (poker esp), mine field, mahjong, etc. The key is to play to certain triggers in the brain that exist due to societal pressures or nurturing... "give them what they want." If you are designing a slot machine aimed at city dwellers... play on triggers of wealth, power, influence, luxury, space, etc (like a king, queen, castle theme), if for country folk perhaps a sports theme or old-time country store feeling-good theme.

We are all driven by different desires, you just have to tap into that desire and "drive" them toward it... at least perceptually. Think of every slot machine deign as a pyramid with the ultimate goal at the very top and never ever let the user lose sight of the ultimate pay-off - even at the first spin. I've designed a few slot machine GUI's, and I believe most of been pretty successful. For each one I wrote I simple, short fiction story first that became the premise of the design - so these weren't just flat designs - but the graphic representation of a event or events.  


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