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Phil wrote at 2010-09-05 04:20:49
My name is Phillip also:

I play four card keno after trying everything else I have come to the conclusion this electronic game is the most profitable by far and by following these simple rules "IF" you keep your profits and don't put them back the same day or the next week play the game until you win...walk away and spend it on priorities or things you need as you will see these things as a win.

After a few weeks do it all over again.

If you play 10-spot 4-card $25 cent 16-total bet starting with $500.00 the odds of hitting an 8-spot out of 10- spot are very much in your favor.

This will pay....$2000.00 if you play 2 cards with the same numbers and the other 2 cards with the same numbers as I explain at the end of this blog.

I am a true native Nevadan "Reno" I grew up knowing those fancy casinos with huge power bills are there and growing for one reason!

They are profiting from our money.

However, 7-years ago I started gambling and followed my rules and was profiting until I kept thinking I would keep winning more and more in the same day or the next week changing my game and my rules! I started losing and chasing after I did that. I have won big! And lost big! The winning big part keeps me losing big and around and around it goes! Because I lost control.

This is the pattern I play:

I call it the Reno Arch!

I play 10 spots on each card max bet four credits each..5cent,10cent,25cent.





Remember: If you play this game Don't lose control of the rules and keep it in perspective or you will be seeking help as I am doing now and that is how I found this all experts and a man that has the same name as me.

Good luck! And good wishes!


jojo wrote at 2013-01-22 02:16:33
yes there is another chip in the machines. they take it out when they know the gaming commission is coming to check their machines.


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