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Dear Al,
I have read about a "System" for winning at Roulette, and upon trying the Ladbrokes Demo game, the system appears to work!
My question is: Can one be sure that the numbers coming up are genuinely random and not "rigged" in any way to appear to be successful in the "Play" mode and maybe not so successful if one entered the "Real Money" mode? How confident can one be of obtaining equal results in the "Play" or "real money" mode?
Thank you for your thoughts and opinion on any method of confirming this; whether it would be controlled by law or not.
Best Regards,
Ken Tourle.

Hi Kenneth: I don't play roulette myself.  But I do know how it works and the odds behind it.  From a mathematical perspective, I don't think there is a system or strategy out there that will overcome the house edge in the long run.  All pit games today favor the house.

Your question on the legitamacy of online roulette on Ladbrokes is interesting.  I used to have the same questions when I would play online poker on PokerStars.  I would crush the free playchips games, but would always quickly lose my deposit -- sometimes without ever having a winning session.  I thought it was rigged, but now I am fairly confident I know why I lost and why you could lose on online roulette too..

With a very reputable site like Ladbrokes, I believe they police themselves well and have a legitimate random number generator that replicates a real casino roulette wheel.  However, regardless of your system, the house will always have an edge in roulette.

All that said, the problem with online gambling is the number of roulette spins per hour.  In a brick and mortar casino, there is time that it takes to place bets, spin the wheel, pass out winnings (and collect losses), and any other real-life disruptions that occur.  But online, each deal can be done in just seconds.  My guess is the deals per hour triples between online and brick-and-mortar.  So if you do hit a bad streak online, it will be amplified because of the accelarated play.  The same thing happens with poker.  And that's why people think it is rigged.  

My recommendation is to try the real money online game out in a low stakes game, and gauge it for yourself before deciding to move up in stakes or realizing your system is ineffective.

Good Luck/AP


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