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Hello there. I was interested in playing some online poker. But, I know a lot of gaming websites that have viruses, and I really want to avoid that. My question to you is, are you aware of any poker websites that I can visit with no viruses? The best ones (legit ones)? Thank you very much.

The viruses and malware that you are hearing about are mostly coming from online casino websites, which are very different from online poker. Here's a piece I wrote up recently with the three major online poker sites for US players. None of these sites have viruses or malware, they are safe to visit and download, but you have to make decisions on the safety of your money for your self.

Online poker in the United States is a little risky right now, but itís a great way to learn a new game at the micro-limits or make a few bucks without leaving home. We highly recommend that you donít keep a significant portion of your bankroll on an online poker site and cash out most of your winnings on a regular basis.

Itís also important to remember that you have a much smaller advantage in online games and that they tend to be much tougher. A typical online game will play about as tough as a game five times larger in a brick and mortar card room, so a $.10/.25 table online will play a little tougher than a $1/2 game at a casino.

Carbon Poker - download link

Carbon is the best site on the popular Merge network. With the best software of sites that accept US players, and a good selection of games, this might be the best place for Americans to play. Learn to use Pokertracker if you are going to be playing holdem or Omaha frequently as they can be a big help on Merge. Our link includes automatic 35% rakeback paid into your player account daily.

Lock Poker - download link

Lock poker recently left the Merge network and purchased Cake Poker, so this is the old Cake software with some improvements. The software is not as good as Carbon, but the players are very weak and the tournament schedule is pretty good. Our link includes 36% rakeback and the best VIP program they have to offer. Get PokerTracker for this one as well.

Bovada/Bodog - download link

Bodogís tables have always been a different world, and they got even stranger when they removed player names from the tables. All you know is the seat number you are playing against, which makes Poker Tracker and note taking both useless. There is often an overlay in their tournaments, and the games are still very good, but not knowing your opponent makes it a very different game.  


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