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1. When I go to casino, it always feel that I will get ban or kick out.  How do I get to gamble to prevent from being kick out?

2. Is card counting legal in blackjack?

If you "count cards" you need to learn how to "get away with it".

That is a complicated topic, that we Pro Players call "camouflage"

involving how we wager and play as well as how we comport ourselves.

Yes, Card Counting is 100% legal - at least it is in civilized countries.

However, the law permits the owner / operator of a public restaurant,
casino, hotel, etc. etc. to refuse service, (without justification required),
to members of the public that are, unwanted (for any reason) on their premises.

In the U S A this holds as long as federal guidelines re: discrimination
based upon race, gender, age, etc. are not violated.

Also note that in the U S A there are several hundred casinos operated
as "tribal enterprises" wherein reservation property is sovereign and does
NOT find themselves obligated to obey the laws of the State and Nation.

The writer of this response has been excluded from dozens of casinos
in the USA and abroad; and has been "trespassed" at many as well.

"Trespassing" involves a formal legal process of refusing entry to someone
and making that person subject to future arrest upon reappearing.


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