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QUESTION: hi just bought a fruit machine call sheik rattle & roll .. it has a fault/s .. when you turn it on .. no lights you can see lights up ..on the transformer all lights light up  .. also the wheel in the top of the machine judders & the 3rd wheel on the right hand side judders .have you an idea please on what it could be & any links so i may print out a manual cheers phil white taunton somerset uk

ANSWER: Philip, sorry, but as per my posted profile I do not answer questions related to the private ownership of slot machines. Phil

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QUESTION: why .. thats really sad i have my own bar here in my house for family & friends to get together every thing is free ..cant you help a fellow human being .. if i could help you in any way i would be it in my power .so whats the point of you being on here then ..just to help those who make money .. was going to make a nice donation on here .. thanks for nothing .. have a great weekend

Philip, the possession of any type of electronic gaming machine is highly illegal in many jurisdictions across the planet. My profile clearly states I only answer questions related to slot machines and other gaming machines that are used in a licensed and regulated gaming venue such as a casino, racino, or other legally licensed establishment. The possession and use of a gaming device in a private dwelling does not fall under the "licensed and regulated" venue definition. I have absolutely no idea if the possession and use of your device is legal in your jurisdiction, nor do I know if you possess and use the machine for entertainment only, or for money-making purposes. As the legal ramifications of personal ownership and use can include punishments up to and including severe fines and multi-year imprisonment, I avoid all questions that even remotely relate to private ownership and use. As I get questions from people all around the world, this policy protects both myself and the people asking questions.

My point of being on here is to answer questions such as: "How does the Random Number Generator work?", "Do casinos really set up slot machine jackpots for different times of the day?", "How do manufacturers design a slot machine?", etc. I do not provide any information on how to get them repaired. As I have stated in many articles, answers, and other documentation, if you buy a slot machine for personal use, you do so at your own risk as the parts are extremely expensive to troubleshoot and order, and manufactures will ONLY sell parts to licensed and regulated gaming establishments. The fact is, if you buy a slot machine, it will always eventually become a doorstop or paperweight. Then it is simply a useless piece of junk. You can't get parts to troubleshoot, as sometimes you need to swap out 10-20 different parts before you even get close to near determining what might be the issue, and some small parts can run into the thousands of dollars in cost.

I'm sorry if you misunderstood my profile or failed to read it first. However, my profile CLEARLY states that I WILL NOT answer questions related to private slot machine ownership under any circumstances.


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I have over seventeen years experience as a slot machine technician for two major North American casinos, one racetrack slot facility, and am a Certified Gaming Machine Repairperson. I am the author of, (writing as Ian B. Williams), "Slot Machines: Fun Machines or Tax Machines? A Technician Reveals the Truth About One-Armed Bandits", ISBN 1-55270-049-6 published by Productive Publications.

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