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I have read several of your replies about each event having no relation to the past and that each draw regardless of the machine is random.

I can understand that, it makes perfect sense.

But where it breaks down for me is in the guaranteed payback of a machine. Those figures are legitimate and accurate, correct? ( if not then I guess the rest of my question would be a big never mind!)

How does a RNG, where each spin or draw has no connection to the past or future  work/result in the listed, guaranteed payout % that is part of the information available to the public.

Does it have to do with the initial configuration of  the  machine so that it has a larger number of possible wins

HSC, payback percentage is result of formulas applied to the pay table of a machine that compares the number of non-paying combinations to the number of paying combinations. Based on an industry standard of ten million games, designers create the pay table to meet the minimum payback percentages in regulated jurisdictions (the majority demanding a minimum of 85% payback). Once the pay table has been created, manufactures can add or subtract the virtual blank spaces and symbols to change the percentages. This is how manufacturers can offer many different percentages per theme to cater to the requirements and desires of their customers, the casinos and other regulated gaming venues who buy their machines.

The Random Number Generator just generates a series of random numbers and looks that series up on the pay table. If it matches, it pays, if it doesn't match, it doesn't pay. That's all the RNG does. The RNG is independent of the pay table. Formulas applied to the number of non-winning and winning combinations is what actually sets the percentages, odds of winning, and probabilities of outcomes.

Hope this answers your question. Phil


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