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I have always liked to gamble for fun. I always liked to play video keno I have done ok over time. I'm curious though do the machines at the casinos really have a RNG so when you pick a pattern to play does the machine really know what you pick and just play around them or what? Also I have seen these websites that have these BIG winners that claim they will show you for a price I mean is there really some kind of a formula or something? I like to play I just don't like to leave being a loser like most people.

Jim, no, there is no formula, method, system, or anything else that can help you win at video Keno. Every single slot machine and video gaming machine uses a Random Number Generator to determine results of a game. The gaming industry is the second most-regulated industry on the planet next to nuclear energy and the world-wide standards and regulations are very strict and very enforced. The machines don't care what you have chosen until the generated outcomes are compared to your selections. The machine simply matches what it has generated to what you have chosen and looks up the matches on a payout table. Any eligible matches are then paid according to the table.

The people who sell these methods and systems to beat slot and video gaming machines truly are BIG winners. They win every time someone sends them money to buy their system. This is the only way they make their money, not on the slots or video machines. Think about it. First of all, if someone truly had a foolproof method to beat the machines, they wouldn't freely sell this information. Why create competition and draw attention to yourself? Second, if everyone who bought and used these systems actually found that they worked, within a month every casino would be broke and out of business. Well this has never happened, does not happen, and will not happen. Casinos get bought out or sold due to mismanagement of the money, not for lack of money coming in.

Remember, all that gaming machines due is generate a series of random numbers, look those numbers up on a table, and pay out any matching results. Very simple. Your odds of even winning one credit on any spin or game are extremely low, so if you do win a credit, you are beating the odds.

Any money you put into a machine is considered to be money spent. You should not expect to see again. If you actually win, consider that the bonus. Hope this helps. Phil


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