QUESTION: hey count ive seen that someone i know makes about 100 bucks a day in craps .how does he do this ?does this sound realistic?what bankroll to start with and what startegy?i figure 300 buy in does this sound right to win 100 on most nights?

ANSWER: ALWAYS possible in the short run.

NEVER possible over the long run.

Your acquaintance is either a liar or he is playing a simple progression;
in which case, as with ALL progression-players, he is bound to failure,
as he will $100 daily, until the inevitable loss of many many thousands.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Is that why i see so many people hammering the tables anf cursing out the world?

Yes, or No, depending on what you mean.  Your follow up question is a bit difficult to comprehend.

But if I am reading you correctly, millions of people over the years have been bankrupted by silly

notions about how some simple progression will lead them to riches. The casinos bank on that.


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