whats the best way to learn poker i wanna be a professional gambler i already have the discipline to walk away in craps. but i think poeker is where its at.Im on the east coast for can i learn?

There are lots of resources for an aspiring poker player, but I have to caution you that playing poker for a living is not a very good job these days. You can start by buying a few books and learning to play holdem. My book, available at, will teach you the fundamentals of the game, and you can move on to other books once you have mastered basic strategy.

You may also want to try a poker training site like or get coaching one on one with a pro. You can take a look at for a list of qualified coaches.  


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I am a professional poker player and game theory expert. I can answer almost any question related to poker, from your local home game to winning big tournaments or playing at a casino. I am the head cash game instructor at, and I run a site for poker coaches at, give lessons (I'm usually booked at least two weeks ahead of time) and I know a little about the online poker affiliate business as well.


I've been playing poker for a living for 4 years, and have written about the subject extensively. I have sold articles to places like and Deal magazine, and I write a monthly column called The Online Fox in Poker Pro Magazine and Poker Pro Europe. I run a poker magazine at and a rakeback site at

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I've read the books, talked to the old timers, and done my time at the tables. That's all the education a poker player gets. I own over 100 poker books and have read them all at least once.

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"Best Article" award on for 2005 for my bankroll management article. All my other "awards" have been in cash, and I've already spent them. Poker isn't about trophies, it's about money. Many major tournament wins online.

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