hi my question is that i ve notice that when someone plays a machine and hit a jackpot or a good match up and did not cash out after a while [depending the type of machine] lose all the credits is it phenomeno has to do about machines volitality or what elsecan be; thank you in advance daniel

Daniel, volatility, percentage, hit frequency, and other slot parameters are simply mathematical theoretical formulas that gaming sites, regulators, manufactures, and their assorted bean counters use to determine the theoretical actions and outcomes of slot performance. In reality, due to the Random Number Generator, these theoretical figures are much useless in the real world we live in, only in the world of accounting theory.

The longer someone plays, due to the odds of slot machines being very biased towards the operator, the more chances they have of not hitting a winning a combination. Therefore, they will, eventually, spend all their money. The best way to play slots is to cash out anything you win and EVER put it back into the machine. Whatever you win, you take home with you.

Hope this answers your question. Phil


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