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how do you best get the discipline to walk away when your winning ?sometimes so early on.Maybe this is more a psychological question but any money management and discipline strategies you may use to leave the casino a winner more often?

"Money Management", (as the term is used), is a bad joke. Bad mythology is more like it.

There is no way to "manage" your money in order to enhance your winnings.

Of course the less you gamble the less you can lose.

The less you bet, the smaller your net losses will be.

"Walking away when you are winning" has no more effect on your (ultimate) fate than does "leaving when you are losing."

The silliest and most dangerous systems are simple (or complex) betting progressions.

They will have you leaving the casino a winner most of the time, BUT the overall net effect is always the same.

Huge net losses over time.  If that were not the case, the casinos would go broke, instead of earning billions of (our) dollars.

What good is winning $100 daily for a week - if on the 8th day you lose $2,500 ?

That is what betting progressions will always do to you.


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I am a semi-retired professional gambler with a graduate education. An accomplished "card-counter", I am very much unwelcome in most American casinos and some abroad.

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