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I am researching the possible risks behind the use of RAM clears in our casinos. We have identified some risks, but I would really like the opinion from a slot technician. I am leaning against asking this question to our own techs because of the likelihood that one or more may not be truthful as to not give away secrets to their own schemes. Anyway, can you think of any possible ways an individual with access to a machine may use the RAM Clear process for fraudulent means?

Alaina, sorry for the late reply. Every slot machine at some point in its lifetime will require a RAM Clear due to system errors, tilts, or mandatory upgrades. RAM Clears simply clear out all the erasable memory locations, so the machine can start fresh. After a RAM Clear, jurisdictional settings need to be set up to conform to both regulatory body requirements and the venue's personal requirements. Such things as the slot management system addressing scheme, hand pay lockup thresholds, and monetary options all have to be set. Techs are not able to change anything in the game programming and can only set options after a RAM Clear. Wrong option settings can impact a slot's performance, such as setting a one cent machine to give one hundred credits per cent instead of one credit per cent.

If you have trepidations about techs unintentionally or intentionally setting wrong options, you will either have to have your technical sups/managers RAM Clear and set options only, or implement a Quality Assurance program in which all option settings are checked and verified by a Slot Technical/Operations Supervisor or above.

RAM Clears are a necessity and the only way you can avoid any unforeseen situations is to either limit Clears to Technical Sups and above, or have management verify options before the machines are presented to the gaming inspector and /or placed into service.

Hope this helps. Phil  


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