Man craps is tough i mean i usually break even but man its tough to come out ahead i usually play with small bankrolls but have the confidence to play with a big one.I met someone who swears he can make a couple hundred a week and says that casinos change the dice strategically and dice are manufactured differently and that hye knows some insiders but what gives for example if you had a bankroll of 300000 and wanted to make real money at craps what would you recommend what disciplined plan would you do?dont pass with large amounts and hope for the best?

Your source is probably deluded or abysmally ignorant.

His statements are, without question, absurd.

He cannot make money as he said he can, and may be setting you up as a "fall guy"

That is what con artists do. They gain your CONfidence. Then they cheat you.

re: winning money:  The only means of playing craps profitable DOES indeed require a large bankroll.

With sufficient funds it is an easy matter to talk some casinos into offering you a loss rebate

that will overcome the intrinsic 1.4% house edge. However, it takes skill to know how much

to play and when to quit when either behind ~ or ~ ahead.

The casinos want a front-money deposit of 6 or 7 figures !

For mere mortals the best way to reduce (but never completely eliminate) the House Advantage

is to find casinos that give you good odds like 10X or better and bet light but always taking Full Odds

while continually betting not only the DON'T PASS, but DON'T COME on every roll.

I suggest trying this for limited sessions, such as ONE HOUR or less.

With $300,000 you can bet $25 Don't Pass and $25 Don't Come with 10 X Odds.

Heavier stakes will get you broke in a heartbeat.

Quit whenever you win or lose 5% of your bankroll; while

ignoring the hostility and sarcasm of the "right bettors"

With 10 X odds ...

A $25 bet on the 10 or 4 takes the odds at $500. The 9 or 5, $375, and the 8 or 6, $300.  


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