craps is so tricky what would your strategy be with a 30000 bankroll just the same discipline 10 percent win and leave or am i missing something?

"craps is so tricky"

No, it's not.  Craps is actually a pretty simple table game once you learn to ignore all of those exotic bets, like the "hop", "Big 6 & 8", hard ways, horn and crap bets, and the new "fire" bets.  Just focus on the "Pass Line" and understand that the Pass Line has it's opposite bet, the "Don't Pass Bar".  Both of these bets are placed when there is no point established.  If a point is already established, these bets are known as the "Come" and "Don't Come Bar" respectively.  Remember, focus on the Pass Line (and it's variants listed above) and ignore all the other exotic bets as these have their odds stacked heavily in the house's favor.

"what would your strategy be with a 30000 bankroll"

Craps is a house game, so every single bet is in favor of the house.  You can only win in the short-term.  No fancy "system" or combination of bets can turn a -EV bet into a +EV bet (in fact, it only makes it worse).  You're playing for fun when you shoot dice, not for profit.  The strategy should then be to maximize the amount of time you're at the table before losing the money you allotted for that session's play.  In your example, if your bankroll is $30k, then first decide what your "unit" amount will be.  Let's say it's $25.  Then on the 3rd roll place a $25 chip (1 unit) on the Come or Don't Come Bar (depending on whether you want to cheer with or against most of the players at the table).  If a point is established, then take the maximum odds on that bet and place another $25 bet.  Take your full odds when that point is established and so on as I've outlined in my previous craps response.  If a unit of $25 makes you uncomfortable, then lower it to $20 or $15 or $10.  If it's too low to get your juices flowing, then increase it to $30, $50, or $100.  The idea is to pick a unit value you're happy with and stick to the system -- all the while accumulating comps, extending your playing time at the tables, and minimizing the house edge.

"the same discipline 10 percent win and leave or am i missing something?"

Stopping when you're up or down 10% is an arbitrary number.  You're going to return for another craps session some day, so stopping at 10% only limits your losses (as well as your wins if the table is hot) for that session.  If you were to play craps every day, stopping when you hit that 10% limit, you would certainly maximize the number of days you could play, but after weeks and month placing bets that are all in favor of the house, you're going to go broke.  The strategy with craps is holding onto your money for as long as possible before that happens (and having fun while it's happening).

Good luck at the tables.


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