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Does a 20 video keno macnine have the rgn generate the 20 numbers so that each game is independent of all past games and payouts?
In other words is it constrianted programming wise so that winning an dlosing is on the level of regular keno or is there some programming factor in play?
For the last 3 years I have been playing these machines and I on several occasions have started to see a pattern of winning that is very sparse and occurs after a range of cash has been spent

But I know that any gambler will read into events to see them in anyway he can make sense of them, whether its an  accurate observation or an invalid one

I have had some great days, but if there is some behind the scene factor that manipuates the outcome in a boolean win/lose manner, I'd like to know that so I can remind myself of that fact while I'm playing!


Every slot machine, and video keno, poker, blackjack, etc, generates a new set of random numbers for each and every game totally independent of any past game or event. All these machines do is generate a series of random numbers, look that series up on a table, and if it matches, it pays. If it doesn't match, it doesn't pay. They simply do this over and over with each game. Any pattern you observe is called Random Patterning and is the human drive to try and find repeatable patterns in totally random events.

Your KENO outcomes are totally random and anything you win is actually beating the odds. Enjoy the entertainment and fair chance at winning, because that is all that is guaranteed. Anything else is pure luck. Hope this helps. Phil


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